About Us

CTS was established in 1991, after gaining a wealth of experience working in the construction industry, to provide all of your industry related training needs, specialising in the area of Plant Operator Training, Assessment and NVQs.

Our Worcester Skills Centre has its own classrooms and over 4 acres of outdoor space and resources for Plant Operator Training and Testing.

Our classrooms have space for 4 to 20 people. There is excellent provision for parking, site access, and our courses include food to a high standard.

Our outdoors area includes tarmac roadway, off road areas and it enables us to deliver training for many industries such as construction, landscaping, forestry and agriculture.

We do not claim to cover every subject, after all what company can really do that properly and consistently.

To satisfy all enquiries we work with a network of Specialist Providers who deliver excellent training in all subjects.