Health & Safety Training

Courses for companies and individuals in all industries

Our Most Requested Courses in the Construction Industry

H&SA Health & Safety Awareness (1Day)

For anybody working in construction (Useful for general training, preparing for CITB Touch screen Test, and for satisfying legal duties.

SMSTS Site Manager Safety Training Scheme (5 days)

For Construction Managers



Site Manager Safety Training Scheme  Refresher (2 days)

Main Contractors now want Sub-Contractors manager’s to have this qualification to work for them

SSSTS Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme (2 days)

For construction supervisors.
Sub-Contractors Supervisors often need this if they have more than 4 people working on a site.

ABC Achieving Behavioural Change (1 day)

To achieve changes in working attitudes.

SSSFIC Site Safety for Fitters and Interior Contractors (3 Day)

A specialist trade course

PMSTS Plant Management Safety Training Scheme (5 Day)

For Plant Managers



Plant Management Safety Training Scheme Refresher (2 Day)

For Plant Managers

SSS Site Sustainability Simplified (2 Day)

Includes environmental issues and best practise.

Our Most Requested Courses for Other Industries

IOSH IOSH Managing Safety (4 Days)

For managers & supervisors in all industries. Can be customised.

IOSH IOSH Working Safely (1 Day)

For all employees, regardless of experience or workplace duties

SCS SCS Special Customised Courses

Customised to suit clients needs, with focused H & S training.