NVQs for plant operators

Plant Operations NVQs are available for most of the listed plant categories

NVQs for plant operators who want to covert trained operator cards into competent operator cards.

NVQ’s help convert Red CPCS Trained Operator cards to Blue CPCS Competent Operator cards. If these are not done before red CPCS Cards expire some operators may have to take new Tests. Contact Sue Fellows for more details about current NVQ activities and possible funding.

Candidates need to show their competence as an operator and knowledge about their industry sector. Commitment is needed from both employers and candidates to achieve NVQs with in target times. These usually take place on-site or at other suitable premises, but can be done at the Skills Centre.

These NVQs are also done in Partnership with other leading Providers in the Training Industry. They can also provide NVQs & Training not covered by CTS which clients can have easily access to. They can provide high-level advice and support e.g. for funding, new courses, apprentiships etc